Promote community relationships and support staff development.

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Hotbed Designs work with companies and businesses to develop visual arts projects that promote community relationships and support staff development.

Our programs are user-friendly and safe, we employ art processes that are highly developed and guarantee quality outcomes.

Hotbed Designs work collaboratively with corporations to develop community inclusive programs in the production of high quality public artworks. Hotbed Designs liaise with community groups to schedule workshops programs producing large-scale murals, sculptural instillations, fabric displays, temporary art exhibitions and more.

Hotbed Designs work with professional development trainers to produce fine art activities and collaborative art projects that complement employer training modules.

Our ‘design thinking’ workshops will help staff develop skills in project design and management and will foster creative problem solving in the work place.

Participants will learn how to ‘do more with less’ in our ‘creative re-use workshops’ using recycled materials around the office and home to make functional and decorative items.

Learn how to reduce visual content and arrive at pleasing designs in printmaking programs using our hand-carved stamps.

Hotbed Designs collaborative art programs result in professional outcomes for display and promote successful teamwork in a fun workshop environment.

Hotbed Designs workshops are colourful and fun, they provide entertaining activities for large groups of people and create a point of focus at events through a successful artistic experience. Hotbed Designs work with events teams to develop visual arts programs including craft activities with hand-held and wearable outcomes for staff Christmas parties, large scale collaborative sculpture programs at product launches, print making on a take-home bag at industry expos and fair days.