Inclusive visual arts programs for the community.

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Hotbed Designs work with festival teams, public programmers and event managers to develop inclusive visual arts programs for the community.

Our activities are designed to complement and inform existing programs in public institutions such as museums, art galleries, botanic gardens, theatres, libraries and other local government venues.

Hotbed Designs conduct visual arts activities at fair days and large-scale public festivals that service 1000s of community participants. Regular clients include Sydney Festival, NSW Parks and Wildlife World Environment Day and World Heritage Day Festivals, Sydney Children’s Festival and Ultimo Science Festival, Harris Farm Fair Days and local government events.
Our fun programs range from take-home out-comes, like printed calico show bags and wearable craft activities to large collaborative outcomes for public display, like mural panels and woven sculptures.
If required new Hotbed Designs stamps are designed and carved using visual themes that suit the clients needs. The stamps work on a range of substrates read more about them here.
Contact us to discuss themes and visual concepts for your event, we can develop programs to complement existing aesthetics or work with clients to develop new ones. You can see insurance information here and contact us here to request a quote.
Hotbed Designs conduct visual arts activities for the community that enhance exhibition programs in public institutions such as Museums, Art Galleries and Botanic Gardens.

We develop fine art classes, craft projects and collaborative instillations that are fun experiences and help participants further their understanding of the exhibition content.

Hotbed Designs work with Sustainability Officers and Cultural Development Units within local governments to develop environmental education programs and creative arts activities for the community.
Council funded programs include:

Large-scale inter-school programs involving hundreds of children in the production of multi-panel murals that come together and are installed in public spaces to inform communities about the local waste stream.
Creative re-use and fine art workshops in local libraries, theaters and shopping centers that support environmental education programs promoting change and introducing solutions.

Workshops with local businesses to produce practical resources such as, How To Compost T towels, Low Waste Shopping Bags and Waste Management Signs.