Co-directed by Bess O’Malley and Jane Musgrove Caveney

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Hotbed Designs is a two-person partnership, co-directed by Bess O’Malley and Jane Musgrove Caveney.

Bess and Jane studied at the College Of Fine Arts UNSW and graduated together in 1993 with a Masters in Visual Arts, both majored in painting and drawing. As professional artists and designers they have extended their abilities to an impressive range of printmaking, sculpture, ceramics and digital art practice. Additionally they are both qualified Earth Workers and Workshop Operators.

Bess is the founder and curator of Newsagency Gallery and from 1999- 2014 was Cultural Programs Coordinator for children 5 to 15 years at City of Sydney’s, Pine Street Creative Arts Centre. Jane is currently a senior painting, drawing and ceramics tutor at the same center where she has garnered a reputation as an exceptional fine art teacher. They are both multi-exhibited fine artists and their shared passion for Art and Nature is reflected in their studio work also.

As a team, this combination of technical skill and creative talent means Hotbed Designs are able to tailor programs to specific theme and budget agendas, using friendly, safe, art processes that are sure to engage the public and complement your event.