Fine art commissions

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Hotbed Designs deliver corporate and government contracts for high end public art commissions. Bess and Jane are both master of arts graduates and have accrued 2 decades of exhibitions and pratice. They’re years of experience affords them a wide network of industry professionals in a range of fine art mediums. Contracts include Curated exhibitions for theme events like conferences, presentation meetings, xmas parties. murals on interior or exterior walls or on printed panels in segmented designs, framed art works on paper or fabric using hotbed designs hand- carved stamps in professional compositions. Large Artworks for board rooms or a series of themed prints for the office and corridors. These programs or not produced in inclusive workshops like our corporate and community programs, but are produced in professional studios.

Hotbed Designs murals are created using a combination of painting and printmaking techniques. We have produced 1500 hand-carved stamps depicting the natural environment from forest floors to sea grass meadows and the manmade world from California bungalows to bio-fuel trucks.
Hotbed Designs inclusive mural programs promote the environment and inform action and change in communities. Our stamps that can be used in an infinite number of compositions on board, fabric, paper or prepared mural substrates. Our stock of stamp images depict native flora and fauna, biodiversity and ecosystems systems, manmade urban habitats, harbour species, fresh water ponds, seagrass meadows, wetlands, soil microbiology, mineralogy, organic gardens and composting, stormwater pollution and solutions, clean air, transport and energy systems and waste management.
Hotbed Designs co directors Bess O’Malley and Jane Caveney are both Master of Arts graduates in painting and drawing. We have 20 yrs of professional practice making our fine art processes highly developed. The use of rich colour combined with successful compositions and layers of imagery create large-scale murals that transform spaces with artistic design. Artist quality acrylic paints and mediums ensure longevity of the image and archival substrates ensure the artwork is stable.

New designs and stamps are always being produced, making our mural program themes unlimited, contact us with your ideas or we can propose visual concepts at a site visit.

Mural substrates are quoted separately to the artwork and workshops. Hotbed Designs can liaise with suppliers and technicians if required. Murals can be painted on water proof panels which are sealed with UV anti-grafitti protection and attached to an interior or exterior wall. The panels can be single or multiple compositions or can be cut and shaped depending on the area for display. If surface has been analysed by specialists and a paint system prepared, murals can be painted directly on to an existing interior or exterior wall.